Thursday, April 29, 2010

Learning New Things


We've been learning all kinds of new things around here. One thing I haven't learned is how to get my pictures on the computer. Tony changed everything up and has been busy, so I'll get some new pics up soon. Hopefully.

Until then, here's one of Giddy from Easter. Nevermind the blue lips...he was playing with the dyed eggs. I'm sure there is some photo software that would fix this cutey pic so he doesn't look oxygen deprived, but that's not one of the things I am learning either.

What we Have been learning is...

~ How to say mama (instead of calling everything Dad)

~ How to do hand motions to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (Bear worked with him on that one)

~ Sign language for more, all done, please, and thank you

~ Oh, and how to WALK! What a Big boy!!! will be coming soon. No telling what else he'll be doing by then. He's growing up FAST!

Friday, April 16, 2010

An Apology to Bob

My to-do list is too long.

I’m not getting to everything and there’s not a lot I can weed off.  It all has to be done.  Inevitably, things get missed and due dates get passed.  You know, with stuff like, oooooh, let’s just say having the cat fixed.

It was hard though to get the timing down.  We have to wait until she’s old enough, but before she gets pregnant.  That’s a pretty small window of time.

I noticed the cat was looking a little fat and I could hear Bob Barker’s voice at the end of every Price is Right telling me to have my pets spayed and neutered.  I kept thinking, I’m SO sorry Bob…I’m an irresponsible pet owner!

But, the bright side…the kids got a great science lesson.

From what I’ve heard, cats tend to find a secluded spot and quietly have their babies and one day we find kittens.  Well, Josie decided to bless us with front row seats as she had them right outside our back door in the jogging stroller.

Yes…the stroller!


and cramped.

The kids didn’t care how gross that was.  They were too busy watching “bubbles” come out of the cat.

That cracked me up!

We pulled up some chairs.  I should have popped popcorn.  It was quite a show.  I only thought I was going to hurl once.

So, we’ve welcomed four baby kittens now.  This was such an awesome experience for Bear!  She loves animals and has tended to momma and the babies non-stop.  She says the babies are either “milking” or sleeping all the time.

IMG_0913 IMG_0916

I’m sorry, Josie…do you need a little privacy?


Sweet Josie.


We moved them out of the stroller so I could burn it clean it up.


So, back on my to-do list is to have the cat fixed.  But, I have to wait a while after she’s had kittens, I think.

great – here we go again…