Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Ellie and Gideon are reading a touch and feel book from a sweet friend of ours, Brooke.  Her family is just finishing up their homestudy for a domestic adoption.  They were moved to adopt the same time we were.  But – they don’t have a blog, or I would tell you to go meet them. 


Gideon was more interested in feeling the pictures of the baby feet in this book than the texture pages.  I like that the baby feet were mixed skin tones.  Those things used to go right over my head.   Not because I didn’t think it was important or didn’t care, I was just clueless.


I’ve also started noticing the tongue sticking out more.  Ellie must be concentrating pretty hard.


It’s funny the comments about the tongue sticking out.  I’ve read so many blogs about Ethiopian babies and their tongues.  I think Missy blogged about it right when he started doing it, so I had to share his silly pictures, too.  It cracks me up!

Our Entertainment

Who needs television?  With 5 kids, we have all the entertainment we could stand around our house.  Our latest source comes from Gideon’s discovery of his tongue. 


What makes it even funnier, is that he doesn’t even know why we’re laughing.  He looks you right in the eye and gives you a serious look while he tries to touch his tongue to his nose.


I can’t stop laughing as I think…What if adults could get away with this stuff?  What if your boss was talking to you about a big project and you just started sticking your tongue out as far as you could?

Where’s the line when this stuff becomes disrespectful?


The things babies get away with.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Love This!

Car and Bear holding hands while they walk over to Mimi’s house.  Notice she’s wearing his jeans.  She said she could wear them because they were in her drawer.

 IMG_4217 IMG_4218IMG_4219

Monday, September 21, 2009

Okay, Okay…

Apparently, the fifth child pushed me into feeling I no longer have time to update our blog.  I think it’s more about having a baby than the number of children I have.  Suddenly, blog time is either during nap (but I have a million other things competing for this time), or while I’m typing one handed (I’m not very good at this…yet).

But, I don’t want to stop.  I love having a record of what is going on in our lives.  Even if it’s just for me to go back and reminisce.  Plus, I’ve made some really sweet blog friends that I would miss. 

Lately, we’ve stayed super busy.  Everything seems even busier when you throw a baby into the mix. 

Tony was in an accident and totaled his truck.  Someone tried to make a u-turn and didn’t check both ways, so they pulled right into him.  Fortunately, he and his mom were okay – just sore.  That’s what every family wants to do a couple of weeks after they get home from picking up their child from Ethiopia…buy a new truck.  ha!

Gideon is doing fantastic!  He is such a lover boy with us…but no one else.  That’s a good sign, right?  He seems to have picked up who his family is really quickly.

With everything we’ve been doing, I haven’t been good about taking pictures.  My hands seem to be full all the time for some reason. But, I’m sure I’ll get better.  It just takes practice.

Okay – on to the pictures…




Monday, September 14, 2009

Lots of Happy Days!


We got home from Ethiopia and I rested quietly for the next week, lounging in bed.  I just have a luxurious life like that.

Not really.

I did spend a week in bed, but I was super sick.  ugh.

Once I bounced back, we jumped right back into our busy life.

Our little man is doing so well.  He’s sleeping through the night – YAY!  And, he’s already showing signs of attaching.  It was so sweet on Saturday – Tony took the kids to his company picnic for a few hours and I stayed home with a sick Ellie girl.  When they came home, little man grabbed me and squealed while he started smacking and slobbering all over my face.  I love that!  I forgot how wet babies are.. and in so many ways!

Then, our baby girl Bear turned six on September 10th.  She’s totally enjoying her new role as big sister.  It’s been fun watching a new side of her personality come out.



Car’s birthday is the very next day.  September 11th is quite a day for us.  Eight years ago, as we all sat astonished by the events going on with the terrorists, Car made his way into the world.  He brought great joy to our family and friends that day, and still does.



Now, we get to add the Ethiopian New Year celebration on September 11th.  I refuse to bake a third cake in two days for it though!  We’ll have to start a tradition of eating Ethiopian food for dinner sometime that week, so Car can still choose his birthday dinner.  They do not use the same calendar we use here in America, so…Happy 2002!