Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Ellie and Gideon are reading a touch and feel book from a sweet friend of ours, Brooke.  Her family is just finishing up their homestudy for a domestic adoption.  They were moved to adopt the same time we were.  But – they don’t have a blog, or I would tell you to go meet them. 


Gideon was more interested in feeling the pictures of the baby feet in this book than the texture pages.  I like that the baby feet were mixed skin tones.  Those things used to go right over my head.   Not because I didn’t think it was important or didn’t care, I was just clueless.


I’ve also started noticing the tongue sticking out more.  Ellie must be concentrating pretty hard.


It’s funny the comments about the tongue sticking out.  I’ve read so many blogs about Ethiopian babies and their tongues.  I think Missy blogged about it right when he started doing it, so I had to share his silly pictures, too.  It cracks me up!


missy said...

this is not to pressure you since you have 5 kids and a baby, but i love that you are posting more now! so fun to see the pictures of your fam!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Cute to see them interacting together :) Awww.....

mandi said...

this is something i thought about when we planned your shower. when i taught school, i was an ESL teacher, multi-cultural books were very important to me. i've taken this into account with my own kids as well. so- i 've been on the lookout for ezra jack keats books for you at the thrift store. i agree with you- it's really important for kids to see themselves represented in the books they read.