Monday, September 15, 2008

Housekeeping Personality Quiz

I would like to say my house is always clean and orderly. If I had it my way, it would be.

Apparently, I only get it my way at Burger King.

And, they don't clean houses.

With four young kids, homeschooling, and activities I just get as much done as I can and try not to stress about the rest. The "rest" is the stuff above and beyond the vacuuming and dusting - oh, and scrubbing toilets! The rest usually happens when there is an accident.

Accidents like -

The garbage can gets scrubbed out when one of the bags gets a hole and leaks.

My bathroom cabinets get cleaned out when I leave my sink running while I hop in the shower and it floods my entire bathroom, leaking into the drawers and cabinets on the way to the floor.

And, my refrigerator gets cleaned out when a major hurricane comes and knocks out our power for 2 1/2 days.

Is that bad that I only get to the "rest" when I have to pull something out to clean a leak?

I have to say - there seem to be plenty of events around here that cause me to get to the rest. Fortunately, these events are not all hurricane related. Somehow, they do seem to all come at inopportune times - like as we are expecting company, or just walking out the door. How does that happen? Kind of like how the smoke detector batteries always decide to chirp at 3 am. Always!

Here's another Ike related to-do -

I've been meaning to chop 3,000 cords of wood (even though we have gas logs in our fireplace)and just haven't gotten around to it. Now I have to if I want to get out of my garage.

Thanks, Ike!

{What's your housekeeping personality?}


mandi said...

if it looks messy, i clean it. sometimes...: )

Frank Bennett said...

I can't believe how empty your fridge is. Are you doing okay with this emotionally??:) You won, with 11 people here at my place for the last 4/5 days my fridge is actually full. Although I'm thinking that there is plenty to throw away now that everyone is gone. As far as cleaning. I LOVE my house to be clean. HOWEVER, the reality of life limits me. I don't consider myself compulsive unless, we have company coming or we have to show the house while it is on the market to be sold. Other than that, I just try and get keep things neat and put away. Deep cleaning as needed. Kind of like you:) It does seem that I spend a large portion of my life cleaning. I really can't relax unless things are picked up. Maybe I need to work on that.