Monday, October 26, 2009

Off to the Theatre.

We love going to see plays at a children’s theater in Houston.  They always do a fantastic job.  What makes it even better is the kids get to sit on the first row of the rotunda, so all of the action is right in front of them.  It’s very cool seeing everything up close like that.

And, we have to say, “We’re going to the Theatre” in our most snotty voice, just for fun.   Of course, it’s not a fancy theater.  We’re in Texas.  Notice in the picture below that the rotunda is “This a way”.  They’re just being funny – we don’t really talk like that. 

Okay, yes we do.

The last show we went to see was The Secret Garden.  My kids loved that book.  I was shocked when Bear asked me if that was the one with the bird and the wall.  She was only 4 or 5 when I read it to the kids.  That really taught me a lesson about how much these little ones pick up.  I would have thought a long book like that would have gone over her head.

Of course, I could not take any pictures of the play, but the kids posed outside the theater.


Now, I’m off to read Treasure Island to Gideon.  I don’t want him to get behind.  ha! 


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Hey, that makes me feel better....I read all kinds of stories...we have read secret garden, charlottes web, and now we are doing Stuart Little....our kids love it, and we do it daily right after lunch.

The Hull's at #4 said...

Looks like your had a fun day!!

Tara said...

hey! thanks for saying hi, oh sure 1 less teenager, easy breezy, they are all sooooooo busy with friends and they are always at our house, so it seems like i have about 8 kids!!!!! how's your little one doing?

mandi said...

it's about time you start treasure island with gideon. geez...what have you been waiting for?

; )

Maria and Family said...

Glad things are moving along great :)