Thursday, May 20, 2010

Play Time

It's that time of year again...time for the school play.

Except when you homeschool, the stage is at the nursing home and a friends deck in their backyard. We performed at the nursing home this morning and the kids did an awesome job! I'm so proud of how hard they work. And, so thankful for the sweet moms who are willing to share their talents and work with my kids to teach them things I know nothing about (ahem, acting!) Seriously, two of my friends are working with 28 kids to put on 6 short plays...foooor freeeeeeeee! (do you remember that from Bedtime Stories?) We just have to come up with costumes and props for our kids, which is fun for me.

I have a couple of pictures of the kids I snapped "backstage" (aka: the activity room at the nursing home) I'll try to get some more cute pics to share when they do the performance on the real stage (err...deck) tomorrow night.

Car's a raindrop


So is Ellie, but she's a little fancier.


Bear's thespian skills may blossom later, but for now she's happy coloring.


Gid entertained himself with a hairbrush...notice the poofy hairdo.


Now, off to rest for tomorrow's big show.


The Hull's at #4 said...

Amanda, I miss you guys! Thanks for posting about the play, wish I could have seen it!!

P.S. Love the hair Gid!!

Sara said...

LOL. Those pictures are so cute! LOVE the raindrops. And Gideon's poofy hair is soooooo silky looking!