Monday, June 14, 2010

Time to Breath

We've been running non-stop around here lately. We worked hard to hurry up and finish our quarter so we could take a break in school. We started our first week of summer with Ellie heading off to camp.

For Six nights!

I don't have pictures because she took one of those disposable cameras that you have to take someplace to have developed. How did we do that in the olden days??? I'm not sure when we'll see those pictures.

We welcomed her home and then Tony and Tate left for a mission trip for a week. Tate loved it and wants to go back next year. They did a little VBS during the day and then had community block parties at night. Tony said it was hard work with little play and the kids did great.

Knocking on doors, inviting the neighborhood out to their block party each evening.


Having a mini VBS time with the kids.
Now, we are ready for a little R&R. I'm not sure what R&R stands for. I do not think it means what I think it means because I painted all day. Well, we did take a break for a quick swim.
Oh, and a quick update on the kittens.
I think they're here to stay.


The Hull's at #4 said...

So glad you guys are having a great summer so far!

Maria and Family said...

you are busy!! Love the kittys and your giggling baby is getting soooo big :)