Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Many Hats I Wear

I've read those emails that try to make moms feel better about staying home with their kids - like they need some reassurance that there's value in "just" being a mom.

I know.

That's silly.

But, it's true we wear many hats as moms.
Chef, chauffeur, nurse, teacher, maid, referee {grin}...
I can't even list them all.

As you can see lately, it appears "Blogger" has just about fallen off that list for me. There is so much around here that is just not getting done that I feel guilty getting online and writing a blog post.

I like having my blog though. I like feeling connected to my long distance friends. And, I like having a record of our lives we can look back on. (there's another thing that's not getting done - scrapbooks. ugh!)'s what we've been up to lately.

We celebrated our very first Gotcha Day on August 24th. Yummy Ethiopian food!

Tate started tackle football. (hmm. that's was about when I stopped having time to update the blog. I'm starting to see a connection.) {wink}

Bear just turned 7 on September 10th.

Car Turned 9 on September 11th (yes, the very next day)

And, Gid fell in love with the tractor

Pucker up...Look at that pucker!



"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Hmmm......yep....sometimes things get crazy. Love seeing your update though. Our kids miss you. They are at the table working on school and saw your pics- :) Say hello to everyone for us!

Tara said...

can't believe how he has grown, a little boy, what a joy to watch, great mom!

mandi said...

Oh my goodness! Little Gid looks so...big. Like a little boy. And he's so handsome!

The Hull's at #4 said...

Amanda! So good to see your sweet family, I hope you had a great summer, it sure looks that way! Happy Birthday kids!

Tisha said...

Look how big your baby boy is! WOW! What a fun family! Happy fall. :)

Anonymous said...

I live in the same tension. no time, but not wanting to give up my friends and connectedness I feel with the larger world. Your kids are beautiful, but I can't tell if their names are "screen names" or real names or some of each : )

missy said...

i understand the tension between living life and blogging about living life. :) rest assured, as fun as blogging is, it is more important to just LIVE it.

happy gotcha day! love the family pic.