Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Little R&R

We took off for a little break last week.  We went to visit my family in Alabama.  They live in the northwest corner and it really is a beautiful place to visit.  We stopped in Natchez, Mississippi (that’s hard to type!) and spent the night.  Of course, that was a highlight of the trip because we stayed in a hotel.  Bear says she wishes she could live there.  I agree.  I could live anywhere that someone else does all of the housekeeping and cooking! 

Before we left Natchez, we stopped off at a museum and learned a little about the Natchez Indians.  The Touch Table was great.  We had a little corn grinding and tomahawk action going on.  Fortunately, all scalps remained intact!

 Alabama2009 017 Alabama2009 018

Tate thought it was pretty gross they used intestines as ties. 

 Alabama2009 020 Alabama2009 023


Then, we ventured into the misty weather to see the ceremonial mounds and pole and mud huts they lived in.  Here, the kids are on top of one serious mound where past Indian chiefs’ huts were built. 

 Alabama2009 025 Alabama2009 028


Home Sweet Home 

Alabama2009 030


I think it was great getting to go inside and experience this house.  We have looked at the pictures of this type of house when studying Indians before, but we never realized just how musty it smelled and how much we would not like to live in that house.  It made us appreciate our home.  Except Bear made herself at home on the dirt floor.  That girl loves her mud!  Yes, the same girl who wanted to live at the hotel because the beds were so comfy and they served eggs like she saw on tv.  Famous eggs, as she called them.

  Alabama2009 032 Alabama2009 033

And, I can’t forget to add that we are now unofficially #4!!!  Thankfully, I have stopped obsessing over watching the numbers go down.  But, I still do a little happy dance every time I see another baby boy referral go out. 

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