Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Relaxing in Alabama

We had such a nice time in Alabama.  We were able to visit with family and spend some time relaxing.  The kids all talk about how much they love going to visit Alabama.  I thought I would share a few reasons they love it.

Feeding the donkey with Pap.

Alabama2009 040

Playing a little basketball.

Alabama2009 043

Playing in the rocks.Alabama2009 055

Playing a little soccer in the front yard.Alabama2009 075 

Going out in the pasture on the 4 wheeler.  Alabama2009 088 Alabama2009 089 

Sweet new twin calves.

Alabama2009 091

Fishing at the pond. Alabama2009 096

Looking for cool rocks.Alabama2009 111 Alabama2009 114 

Tate was the 4 wheeler chauffeur.Alabama2009 117 Alabama2009 120 

Bear had Daddy and a lollipop.  What more could she ask for?

Alabama2009 121

Scoot cow! Alabama2009 122

Sweet moments when Car just leans down to hug on Bear while she’s playing in the dirt.  Yes, that’s a cow patty in my picture.  Touching.

 Alabama2009 138

Sharing the love back. Alabama2009 140

Time to go home. Alabama2009 146

The End. Alabama2009 147


Kristi J said...

oh, that's my kind of fun..I'm from KY and my dad has a farm and it is always so much fun to go back to your roots...Thanks for your comment and prayers..we truly appreciate it, kristi

Frank Bennett said...

Love the pics. I'm so glad you guys had fun on the farm. That is my kind of vacation! I just love places that my kids can run/ride forever and not have to worry about getting hit by a car:) Can't do that in the city! Make sure they get their vitamins this week!

Andrew and Amber said...

I just wanted to let you know the family that was below us on "THE LIST" got their referral the same day we did. I talked to them by email. It is weird because the bi-weekly said there was only 1 infant referral but both of us got 2 month old baby boys. All that to say if the list in correct you are actually number 2 now! Congrats!-Amber

Kristi J said...

Ok, are you seriously #1 now...are you the Mandy they referred to??? So crazy!! I can't wait to see you get that was the best day ever...This flew by for you if I have the right!! You need to post about being #1....kristi