Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What’s Next?

After receiving the call on Monday, I was so busy with phone calls and emails.  Then, when I had a minute that I could have written a post, I was just mentally tired and couldn’t do it.  I think things have slowed down some so I can breath again.  I’m better now.  Thanks.

I always enjoyed reading other families’ stories about their call, so I’ll share mine for anyone interested.

We found out we were number one on the boys’ list Friday night.  It was kind of nice having a couple of days over the weekend to let that soak in, knowing we wouldn’t get the call until at least Monday.  I was feeling nice and calm all weekend.

Then, Monday morning came.  The phone rang and my heart jumped, even though I knew AGCI was not open yet.  I’m already thinking this is going to drive me crazy if it lasts too long.  For some reason, the phone rang more Monday morning than it ever has.  I started laughing at how hopeful I was with every call.  That’s just nuts!  I played mind games with myself and drove out to the mailbox WITHOUT MY PHONE!  I was trying my hardest to convince my brain to be patient.  It wasn’t working.  I think I talked to God non-stop the entire morning, and then felt bad knowing He wants us to be like that everyday.  Convicted.  I got the message.

I checked my emails and saw Kristi got her girl referral.  Hooray! I was so happy not to get my referral before her.  About an hour or so later,  I saw a family that was behind us on the list get their referral for a boy.  The boy was older than our parameters, so they skipped over us until they found a family he could go to.  It was funny that her name is Mandy also, so everyone was confused thinking it was us since we were number one.  Yes, another area where I have confused people with the Mandy/Amanda name thing.  I know, I should pick one.

At that point, I determined we would not get our call.  I have no knowledge of the inner working of our agency, but I was certain they would go in order of the families on the list and would have called us if there was a boy for our family.  So, I relaxed.  Ahhh… 

Finally, I was able to think about other things.  Then, the phone rang and I didn’t even jump.  I looked at caller id and it was All God’s Children.  I froze.  I was sure it was not the call because I had already decided I knew how they worked.  ha! 

When I answered, the case worker was so sweet and was telling me who she was and asking me how I was doing.  (The case worker we have been working with is actually at Hannah’s Hope right now loving on all the babies).  I’m not sure what I said to her because my mind was just thinking over and over, “don’t get too excited, this may not be it!”  I still couldn’t believe this was the call.  I remember telling her I was trying not to get my hopes up.  She laughed and said I could, because she had a little boy for us!

Of course, Tony was out of town!  So, I sat down and just wrote down everything she told me about him.  I knew she would send all of the information in an email, but I had to do something with my hands as she was talking.  The kids knew this was is, so they were jumping up and down in the other room so I could hear.

I called Tony immediately and he answered his phone saying, “I can’t talk, we’re taxiing down the runway and I’m not supposed to have my phone on yet.” Rebel.  I told him we got the call and call me as soon as he can!  He called when they landed and looked at our baby boy’s picture on his phone. 

And, we were in love.

After that, it was a whirlwind of phone calls and emails.  Both official stuff to start moving on the referral and just sharing with family and friends.   My mind was exhausted!

Okay – I’ve had lots of questions about what happens now.

First, sorry I can’t share any pictures or information about G.  He’s still officially not our child to share, so Ethiopia frowns on posting his information publically.  But, as soon as we pass court, I will post all kinds of pictures!!!

We have a call scheduled with our International Pediatrician this afternoon.  After we talk to her, we can tell AGCI that we are officially accepting the referral.  Then, they will contact Ethiopia and start working on getting us a court date.  We are praying we can get to court and travel before they close for the rainy season (August and September).

I am amazed at how I immediately felt the mamma love for this little boy!  You know, the mother bear love that gets super powers when protecting our children.  I thought it would take some time to open my heart and think of him as my son.  I knew the love would come, I just thought it would be more gradual.  Or, I thought I would feel it when I held him for the first time.  God has made it clear to me that He is the one that gives us this love.  God chose this child for our family and prepared our hearts this whole time.  Amazing!  It’s nothing that we did.

Now, I just want to hold him.  I want to look at his ears and feel his hair.  I appreciate the three flat pictures they gave me, but I’m longing to hold him.  This wait is going to be much harder than the referral wait!  But, God has shown me He has all of this in His hands and has been so gracious to us through this.  I trust that He will sustain me though this wait as well.  Praise the Lord!

Thank you to all of our family and friends who have been so supportive and loving.  God has also blessed us with new friendships and has opened doors to share about His love through this adoption experience.  I feel a little guilty because all of this is for God’s glory, but we get such a blessing from this little boy.  Anything we have to sacrifice to do this seems so small compared to what we are receiving.   But, that’s how God works.  He is full of grace and mercy and love.  His love for us is huge and there is nothing we can do to deserve it or pay it back.  God’s love is so powerful!

So, now we are praying for a smooth and quick court date.  And, that we can travel safely and quickly to go pick G up.  Our family is ready to love on him in big ways!


Brian and Autumn said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!! Trust me the "on top of the world" feeling lasts for a long time. Soak it all in :)

The B Family said...

Thanks for sharing your "call" story. Love reading them and looking forward to the day we get ours. So excited for you!

Jessica Knitter said...

I hope your hubby's plane ride wasn't too long. I can not imagine getting that kind of news and then needing to wait until I landed to hear the details. Congrats!

jody said...

Congratulations! I thought the wait till court was not as bad as I was expecting, but the wait to hear about court was HARD. Thankfully it was not as long as the other waits :) SO happy for you-enjoy this sweet time!!

crockerdile said...

As I read this is am crying....I am so happy for ya'll!!! Congratulations. We will pray for a quick court date and that he will be in your arms soon!

Kristi J said...

So excited for you...what a great story..yes, I missed the call..can you believe it?? I just wasn't expecting it...too funny....Maybe we'll travel together, who knows??kristi

Dawn said...

WOOHOO!! I'm sure you are still on cloud nine!! :) The wait for me was not THAT bad... the time really did go fast. I kept myself super busy though. The last few days before court though - ROUGH. And I mean R-O-U-G-H!! And now - well I'm as happy as happy can be! Praying you get to travel before courts close! :)

missy said...

somehow i missed that YOU GOT YOUR REFERRAL! i'm so thrilled for you. i loved reading your story. i would love to know who your international ped. is. so glad you can see his face...can't wait til you can't touch it!

mandi said...

oh amanda! i love that you said you want to see his ears and feel his hair. we are praying alongside you guys- beyond thrilled!

mimi said...

Oh Wow, I just found your blog....and what a great first post to read :) I'm so happy for you. I am a mom through adoption....I remember when we got the call. Reading about yours gave me chills. Happy chills!!

Hope you don't mind, I'm going to come back and catch up on some of your posts when I have time :)

A and B said...

Wow! Great Story! Congrats and Best Wishes. We love Christy at AGCI and are just finishing up our Dossier!! I can't wait to be in your shoes.

Renee said...

Would love to look in on your little one. Let me know if you want us to. We leave april 18th