Monday, November 15, 2010


After our referral for Gid, we couldn't wait to hold him and get to know this little boy God had chosen to be our son. We wondered what his little personality would be like. He seemed very serious in every picture we saw. Then, we heard from people who met him that he was very cautious about new people and wouldn't smile for them. As our meeting got closer, we received updates that he cried a lot with tummy aches and was hard to console.

I started praying.

Not praying for an easy peasy baby.

But, praying for a baby filled with joy.

Who would find joy in our family.

Who would bring joy to others.

Now, what comes to mind when I think of Gid is...Joy.

In every area, he is filled with joy.

That doesn't mean he never cries.
And he has certainly won every stare down he has faced.

But, who he is, what he has shared with our family and everyone he meets.


Thank you, Lord!


missy said...

this is so beautiful! i have tears in my eyes right now and i am thinking of baby giddy that i first met at hh. praise god for the JOY he is and that he brings.

Jess & Matt said...

It is truly amazing. All of the unknowns and heartache prior to being able to kiss and hug our babies has been replaced in pure JOY. Giddy looks so big & HAPPY.

Tisha said...

I love this!!! He looks like a really fun little boy...

mandi said...

this post is precious! levi just said that he remembers when gid was a baby- and now he's learning how to write! haha!

The Hull's at #4 said...

Gosh God is so good to give us what we ask! So thankful with you Mandy!