Thursday, November 18, 2010

Say Cheeeeese!

It's Christmas card time.

Typing that just made me {sigh} and kinda slump down in my chair.

Not because I don't love Christmas cards. I do. I line them up all over my living room and love looking at all of our friends and their smiling children.

It's the smiling children part that's killing me.

I can get my children to all smile...just not at the same time. So. I end up with a roll of pictures with 4 smiling children aaaand one that's looking away...or scratching his back...or looking like he's in pain.

But, they're having fun.

And yes, Gid's eating a lollipop. It's the only way I could keep him with everyone else instead of chasing the cat across the yard.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Soooo true! It is not easy , but hey at least it is fun! Loved your pictures on the last couple of posts!! Great to see your cuties :) Miss You!

Jess & Matt said...

I so feel your pain. It's funny how at the time it's so frustrating trying to get the best photo but in the years to come you look back at the not so great photos and they become the best.

The Hull's at #4 said...

LOOK AT HOW THEY HAVE GROWN!!! OH MY WORD! Beautiful children...

missy said...


okay, i saw a car with the license plate today "gid e up" and i was totally thinking a cowboy 2nd bday party for giddy! :)

Gbug said...

thank you for your sweet coment on my blog you i hope it helps the little orphans !!!! :)

mandi said...

oh ellie's hair looks so, so cute!

you said that you have a "roll" of pictures! you're sooooo 1995!

; )