Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Egg-cellent Idea!

Have you ever thought of something and just wanted to tell everyone you know? I have - and I am busting to let it out. It's probably not life-changing and won't bring world peace, but I am nevertheless very excited to share it with you. I think I am so excited because I have what seems like millions of tips and tricks running around in my head that I have read over the years. For example, I know that WD-40 cleans crayon marks off anything, beautifully. And, that cornmeal kills fireants (yes, even in Texas). But those are other people's tips. This is a tip I know I have never heard of. I have never read it anywhere. I am claiming it. I thought of it. And, I will share it with you.

This idea came as a spin-off of someone else's tip I have in my repertoire. It is to spin an egg to tell if it is hard-boiled or raw. It kind of works. But sometimes I would question the spin and really still not be sure which one it was. This left me being very cautious about separating the boiled and raw eggs in the fridge, which took up precious space. But - I had another problem. Time would pass and I would forget how long ago I had boiled those eggs. Then, came the idea!

Are you ready?

Hold on to your hat!

I wrote the date on each boiled egg with a pencil and just put them back in with the raw eggs.

Simple, but pure genius - I know!

I used a marker so the date would show up better in the picture. I will be sure to share my wealth of knowledge in the future with you. Oh, and if you have heard this tip before - please do not tell me.

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