Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lunchtime and Free Tips!

Pizza cutters - they are not just for pizza anymore! I have heard of people using scissors to make cutting their kids' food up easier. But, I find a pizza cutter is easier to work with. I don't have to pick the food up to cut it, and it's faster. I have a few that I keep on hand to cut the kids' food for them. They work great for cutting waffles. I stack 2 waffles on the plate and cut it across into 4 strips. Turn the plate and cut again 3 times. Voila! Much easier than hacking at it with a knife. How old fashioned!

I use a pizza cutter for pretty much all of my kid-food chopping. Chicken strips, toast triangles, even pizza!

After cutting the pizza into wedges, I cut up to, but not through, the crust.

Then I cut it across until I have it all in little squares.

I am left with a tasty crust piece that I can steal for myself if that child is too young to notice. a hem! I mean a young child could choke on the tough crust.

I also use it to make Logan's Monkey Bread. I have to quarter the biscuits in the recipe, so I just use the pizza cutter and it makes the job much easier. So dust off that pizza cutter and keep it handy.
Amazing what happens when we think outside the box. Even if it is the pizza box!

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Heidi said...

LOL! I, too, eat my 1 1/2 yo's crust because he doesn't know the difference. Shhh. Don't tell anyone. :)