Tuesday, April 8, 2008

On Your Mark!

I remember Field Day when I was in school. It's not a fond memory. I think I came in last in every race I ran. I always felt like I was running really fast, but then one by one all of the other runners would pass me until, eventually, I ended up last. I know you feel sorry for me, but don't. I'm over it. (kinda)

But I have good news - my kids did not get my tortoise-like running genes. That means they can have good memories of their Field Day. We meet with some other homeschooling families once a week to play different sports. The sport changes every month. In the Spring, we have track and field and end it with a Field Day for the kids. I am so glad to be involved with these other families. The kids learn more than sports. The focus is on good attitudes, character, and being encouraging to others. It's heartwarming to hear these kids cheering each other on. God calls us to be encouraging to each other and build each other up. We honor Him when we do this. Sports can make them healthy and strong both inside and out.

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