Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Funny Bunnies

I have always thought bunnies were soft and cute to look at, but have never had a desire to own one. But, these little girls have won me over.

Let me introduce you...

Tate's is Dot, the dalmation one:

and Ellie's is Bella, the brown one.

I wish they would stay this little. They are the perfect size for the kids to hold and they can control them. Hopefully, with lots of loving and cuddling, they will become quite tame and not so wiggly. The breed is Mini Rex, so they won't get huge.

On another pet note - the chickens are doing very well and getting big. Well, two of them are. The little black one was smothered when they all piled on top of her. Yes, apparently chickens think - "We're hot, so let's all huddle up together and lay on each other." I kept hearing chickens were not very smart, and I'll just say - yeah. And, yesterday a big, black snake got in the coop and killed Star. I can't believe it would just kill her and leave. We have a lot to learn. Welcome to the country!

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Karen and Gerard said...

Such cute rabbits and cute kids! I just came over from your husband's blog to check out yours. It's very nice!! I'll add it to my favorites too!

By the way, Col. 3:2 is one of my favorite verses, especially when things are going rough.

FYI: A very good Christian web site that helps kids with witnessing to their friends is Our church is using S.S. curriculum about this for the summer and it's awesome.