Thursday, June 26, 2008

Molecule Explosion

Some crazy molecules have formed at my kitchen table this morning. The kids have been hard at work making new scientific discoveries. Some molecules even resemble robots!

We are going through Real Science 4 Kids Chemistry. I really like the way they use big, colorful pictures and easy explanations without dumbing it down. They had to make random molecules first. Then they had to remember that different atoms cannot form as many bonds as they want, so they had to count the bonds to make real molecules. All while playing with (and eating) marshmallows. How could that not be fun for kids?

When I asked Moses what he wanted me to teach him while he was living with us, he immediately answered - Chemistry! Really. That just happened to be my minor in college - thank you, God! How did He know a little boy from Africa would want me to teach him chemistry one day and I wouldn't be intimidated by it? Oh, that's right - He's God! He was probably laughing at the image of the marshmallow explosion on my table that I had waiting for me in my future while I was staying up late, struggling over Organic Chem. Now, all those classes were worth it.


mandi said...

very cool! i didn't know you had a chem.'re a genius!

Heidi said...

Those marshmallow molecules look like a blast! My son would love making them. I've had RS4K Chemistry and Physics on my wish list for 3rd and 4th grade science. I'm thinking we'll have to go with it!

(And isn't it amazing what God knows? :))