Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Turn, Turn, Turn

There are so many emotions involved in going through the adoption process. Sometimes even conflicting emotions at the same time. Fortunately, I can cling to God and His Word to give me the strength to not only cope during this time, but to soar through and triumph. His Word is so full of wisdom and encouragement!

As I was reading today, I almost skimmed over the first 8 verses in Ecclesiastes 3. I have read through this section many times. I know generally what it says. Incidentally, I cannot read this section without getting this song stuck in my head -

Is it just me?

Fortunately, I thought I should probably skip the Byrd's interpretation and read what God actually said. I'm so glad I did this because He really did point something out to me that will help me get through one of the struggles I am having in this process.

I am finding my emotions swinging back and forth between not having any connection with the child God has planned for our family, and getting frustrated that I don't know anything about this child and wanting to just go get him so I can take care of him.

This verse struck me -

Ecclesiastes 3:5b

a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing

I think this is my time to refrain from embracing. I can pray for our child and know that he is in God's hands. He is right where God wants him for now. God will allow me to hold him and take care of him at the perfect time.

My time would be now - but my time is not God's perfect time.

That has been one of the big lessons during this process - learning to give up what I think would be best and to trust that God's way is best.

Wanting this on God's terms will make it so much sweeter when He decides it is my time to embrace.


so much more without words. said...

praying your embrace will be sweet and gentle...just like when your Father holds you. Learn from Him now so you will be ready to pass it along. He'll hold you through this....

mandi said...

i have been struck so much lately by how all things here are on earth are meant to simulate our relationship to our heavenly father. the seasons, marriage relationships, parent/child relationship, and now, reading these thoughts from you. it is so good to see what god is teaching you about HIM through this. that's what this life is all about afterall, right? relationship with HIM. thank you for sharing this process with us. it makes me know how to pray specifically for you.
love you!

Frank Bennett said...

The best thing about waiting for the Lord's timing is that when it comes it will be far better than you could have ever imaged. It will be worth the wait. Rest in Him. I read this in a bible study I did recently: God is not as much interested in us reaching our destination as He is in the knowledge of Him we gain while we are on the journey. He wants us to know HIM. (Discerning the Voice of God) Strength will rise as you wait upon the Lord. I will continue to pray for peace for you. Love ya!!