Friday, June 26, 2009

It’s Too Easy


Why has it taken so long for me to do this?  Making my own chicken stock always seemed like something only professional chefs do.  I’ve done it before on the stovetop and I didn’t think the results were worth straining the bones out.  I think I got impatient and didn’t let it boil down long enough.

Well…not anymore!

I started roasting my own chicken for dinner and then I just throw the carcass in the crockpot with some garlic cloves, sage, bay leaves, rosemary, and thyme.  Cover it with water and let it cook all night long on low.

When I woke up this morning, my house smelled incredible!  I wanted chicken soup for breakfast even though it’s 500 degrees here today. 


I would do this even if it was only to make my house smell good.  No more Glade plug-ins for our family!  The yummy, rich, homemade chicken stock goodness is just a bonus.  That and the fact that it is so much healthier and cheaper than buying stock in a can.

I wish you could smell the picture above.  It probably looks gross, but the smell is amazing!

I can’t keep this jewel to myself.  I have to share it and tell everyone to do this themselves.  You can do it!  Your nose will thank me! 


Jessica Knitter said...

Looks good! How are you holding up? Have you checked out the most recent on ethioadoptionnews? Looks good! I'm not going to get my hopes up but yet it's hard not to.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

I wish I could smell it too! great idea...we will have to try that sometime (summer time for us is too crazy), but we are always looking and thinking of great ways to have better foods, and cheaper too. Sounds like a great tip to me.

Maria and Family said...

Very yummy! love chicken soup :)

mandi said...

that's the way i do it too! and when it's not 500 degrees outside, and i actually DO want soup, i just throw all my ingredients in that morning and let it cook all day in the crock pot. super easy and oh so tasty!