Thursday, June 4, 2009

Time to Workout Again

I’ve been feeling a bit unmotivated to work out lately.  That hasn’t paired well with my tendency to eat when I’m stressed.  hmmm.  I think I’ve been really stressed lately. :)

The treadmill routine wasn’t getting me excited about getting back in the game.  So – I found a new treadmill.  Right outside my door.

And, I love it!  We live on a private road and one of my dearest friends lives next door and she’s been training joining me.  It’s been great because with her, I run longer than I would by myself.  And, she makes me run sprints in the section of sand that I almost have to put my truck in 4 wheel drive to get through.  yeah – I wouldn’t do that on my own.  Here’s that section. 


The weather has been so beautiful in the mornings.  As long as I’m done by 8am.  After that, it’s just too hot.  Remember - I live in Texas.

And look – it comes with childcare:


The only downside is so much of the road ends up in my mudroom. 


Yes, I did just put a picture of a pile of dirt on my blog.  Bear was quite confused and kept asking me why I was taking a picture of our dirt. 

I love living out here in the country, but I seriously sweep huge piles of dirt up every day.  If you come to my house, you will probably think I never clean my floors, but I really do.  The dirt is just faster than me.

It won’t be for long though.

I’ve been working out!


missy said...

love your new treadmill. looks like a beautiful area. embarrassing that you are returning from exercising as i am just getting out of bed. the comment about the dirt being faster than you is so clever!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

I love it too!!! Living at camp has it's great benefits! Our home is filled with sand daily....crazy stuff, but fun. Praying still for some movement...some hope, and for God's peace for your family.

in a nutshell said...


mandi said...

man- you guys are good! and i'm a little sad that i don't live there anymore to join in.

see you soon!!!

Frank Bennett said...

I'm with mandi, I wish I lived near you too! I had so much fun the day I got to share your treadmill. Tell me again why you think God moved me so far away from my bff????? Sorry, time to count my blessing! Oh, too many to count....Love ya friend!

Frank Bennett said...

I forgot to sign the last comment. It is Suzanne (not Frank) Hee Hee!