Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sundae Worship

Once a month we get together with our friends and have a family worship time outside.  We spend that time praying, singing, and sharing what the Lord is doing in our lives.  The kids feel like they are welcome to share as well. 

I love this time of worshipping with the whole family.  The kids can range in age from baby to teens.  It’s a little noisier this way, but I don’t think God tells us anywhere that we have to be quiet and sit still in order to praise Him.

After our worship, we always visit and play until it gets dark.  This month, our friend wanted to take the playing part to the next level…or ten levels!  We had a giant ice cream fight.   FUN!

It started with two teams and two tables full of buckets of cheap ice cream and toppings.  The teams had a relay race.  They had to run to the table, do a push up, and grab any one item off the table to run back to their sundae bowl (kiddie pool).  I was cracking up at the little girls who would stand at the table trying to decide what they wanted to pick.


Once they had all of their sundae supplies at their pool, they could start building the sundae.


The first team to get all of their toppings on and get the cherry on the top could start the fight.  Once the fighting started, they could both go.  It was nuts!


They were putting ice cream down each others’ backs.


Here’s my sticky crew.  Bear was done and in Tony’s arms pretty soon after the insanity started.


Clean up with the hose was COLD!


Family worship nights always ends with watermelon.  Good times!


I’m so thankful God has put these families in our lives.  We pray together, challenge each other, worship together, serve the community together, hang out together, and now throw ice cream at each other.  What next?


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Sounds like fun to me- can I come?? We have jello fights here at camp and they are great! The worship time sounds great!!!! We do worship daily with just our crew and it can be pretty noisy, but it is great! Of course now when we have campers- it's gets really noisy too!!! Hey, who says jumping up and down to praise God isn't allowed???

Troy said...

Hahahah ... that is incredible! What a great way to celebrate the LORD and the people He puts into our lives.

Aubrey said...

If I wasn't so tactile defensive this would look a lot more appealing. What a crazy fun time you had! :)

mandi said...

ah man! what a fun night!

when we do this with the youth group it is MAD! i'm talking the entire body of ice cream from one gallon being thrown at someone's head!

Jessica Knitter said...

How many gallons of ice cream did you go through? That looks like a blast. Clean up not so much but I'm sure it all melts any ways.

Mandy said...

Jessica - I didn't count how many gallons we went through. Most people brought those big tubs from Walmart, so it was A LOT!
Mandi - Ellie got hit right in the chest by a solid mass of ice cream. Tony told her later he thought she was going to cry and she said she did, too! But, she was having too much fun and got over it quickly. I thought that idea came from your crazy husband!!! Those youth pastors! :)
Dawn - of course you can come!!! Now jello fights might be in our future - thanks for the idea!

Maria and Family said...

Eeewww! Although it looks like tons of fun...i dont do sticky AT ALL so i will pass ;) I do love the idea of a fun worship time, and I bet GOD does too :)

mimi said...

Thanks for your comment...that was a hard post to write, I appreciated your thoughts on it!
It was nice to see your pretty face too!

I love this post...what a fun day and great idea!!