Monday, July 20, 2009


You get to know your kids over time.  Each child is uniquely created by God with their own personality and quirks.  Over time, I think I’ve started expecting certain behaviors from them because they have been consistent in the past.

I expect this from Car:


That’s how he approaches everything in life.  He’s carefree and sometimes (usually) reckless.  He leaps and then looks.

On the other hand, I have Tate.  He’s cautious, thoughtful, and leans on the safe side – just in case.

This day, I wanted to catch him jumping off the diving board.  I expected feet first (very safe).  Actually, I was surprised he was even on the diving board.  His first jump, I caught this:   


What???  I can’t believe he flung himself off the board!

I guess I need to stop with assuming I know what my children will choose.  They are growing and changing and God is working with them everyday to mold them according to His purpose. 

I love it when my kids surprise me and do something I never would have expected from them.  I’m so excited to see who they become when they grow up.  What are they going to be passionate about?  How are they going to spend their time?  I love being a mom and having a front row seat watching God work in each of their lives.  How cool is that?

Speaking of being a mom…

JJ and Pat decided to adopt.  Aren’t they a sweet new family?


Not that they had a choice, but they are all adjusting well.  These cute chicks were a science project from our friends.  They hatched them from eggs and then asked us to raise them.  Congratulations, JJ and Pat!

And, speaking of adoption…

AGCI sent us a video of our little guy.  He’s so sweet and I’ve watched it over and over.  It is so incredible to go from some still pictures to watching how he moves around and interacts with his surroundings.  But – it made me want to hold him that much more. 

Come on July 28th!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

That is soooo cool you got a video. We just had our sons pics on our screen saver...constantly. Our kids would say- hey there is Jonathan....when is he coming home? Of course we had to wait longer too because of the new government agency that formed etc. and the court closure as well....we passed on the 3rd six months later- we got to hold our little man. It was the best feeling ever!!!!! Of course it was that way with all of our little babes.

The Hull's at #4 said...

YOU GOT A VIDEO!!!! WOW!!! Your kids are precious!!!

mandi said...

a video!?! that is awesome! i want to come over right now and watch it!

i know what you mean about loving the surprises our kids throw at us. when they push their boundaries, and even surprise themselves! what a gift motherhood is...

Maria and Family said...

a video is beyond cool ! So happy for you. after your long wait you deserve some great news :)