Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Losing It

I think the stress is getting to me.  I was leaving a comment on another family’s blog that is waiting to hear news about whatever happened in court today.  I went to put in the security code and it was “tridialn”.

I start thinking…

Hey – that sounds like “try dialing”.

Wait a minute. 

Could this mean something? 

Is God telling me to call AGCI?

Or…am I just going crazy?

Don’t answer that.


The B Family said...

Ha--I'm always scrutinizing the verification codes--trying to make a word out of it or decide whether there's a hidden meaning or messages (from God?). Seems like they more often than would be chance really do have some relevance to what I'm thinking. But the one I'm getting ready to type in for this comment is founc. What does that mean?!?!

Go ahead--call AGCI! Keep us posted on any news!

Jess & Matt said...

You're not the only one going crazy lately. I think I'm beyond looking for signs.

The Hull's at #4 said...

Nancy - put your self and the rest of us out of our misery! Call already!!


Cory and Margaret said...

UG....I can imagine how crazy things must be for you and the other families right now!! Praying that you hear GREAT news soon!!!!

mimi said...

I do the same type of thing! It's those moments of thinking too much....looking at everything differently. I remember that time...and the stress. Hey, maybe you are supposed to tridialn?