Friday, July 17, 2009

Paper Chain – Take Two


We are counting down (again)!  AGCI called us with a new court date (again).    

It’s July 28th!!!!!

Thank you, Lord!  We’re praying we pass this time.  I’ve heard third time’s a charm.  MOWA is supposed to be opened by then and we don’t know of another reason we shouldn’t pass.  Of course, there are never guarantees.

Thank you all for your prayers and support as we wait to bring our son home.  We can’t wait to make up for all the hugs and kisses we’ve missed out on.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

YEAH!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So very excited and can't wait to celebrate with you as you pass court!

mandi said...

HOORAY!!! this is such good news!

come home little man, i'm ready to give you a squeeze!

in a nutshell said...

yes, that's exactly what i was thinking...the third time's a charm :) (except for jess, the second should work too!) i'm getting so excited to me you guys and our babes!

Mandy said...

Definitely - second time's a charm for Jess!

Tisha said...

Hey!!! I was thinking of you a lot last week.

DeeDee and I had to tag team the pictures, but we did get at least one. It was hard because of all the rain. The babies were never outside and the girls made it near impossible to get into where the babies and get pictures. He is a doll baby though and very aware. He was in the Bumbo seat when I saw him.