Friday, August 7, 2009

Nature Walk

We are going through Apologia’s Botany course in science right now.  We went on a nature walk to find different kinds of leaves (vascular/non-vascular).  Just reading about these things is pretty dry, but it’s nice to get out and get our hands dirty.

What is Car doing?



Moss looks like it has leaves, but they are not true leaves.  We soaked up water with a paper towel to show how moss gets it’s water.



To finish up our walk, we made color wheels with flowers we could find in the yard.  The kids really got excited about trying to find all of the colors.



Keeping busy as we count down the days until we get to bring our sweet boy home. 


Tisha said...

Good job!! We start Monday... wish me well. :)

The Hull's at #4 said...

I remember those days! Some of the best parenting times of my life and I have another one coming up! EEEEEEE!!!! Go ROY G BIV!!!

Andrew and Amber said...

So exciting you guys have tickets now. That was the best time for me. Planning and packing! Counting down the days. Also, just read most of your homeschool posts. I must admit, I aspire to be that cool.

Tara said...

thanks for your sweet comments, hopefully we will traveling with you guys, i love all your homeschooling stories

mandi said...

ooh! those color wheels are beautiful! i love botany! i know you are surprised to hear that : )

i'm so excited you got your tickets!!! the count is on!

{{shan}} said...

I love the color wheel idea!!!