Thursday, August 6, 2009

We’re Just Beachy

Still waiting for travel confirmation so we can buy our tickets.  Maybe we’ll hear something today.  If you ask us how we’re doing, we’ll answer Just Beachy.

Or, we could answer Sunburned.

Remember I work best under pressure, so with all I have to do to get ready for our trip I decided…

it was a perfect day to go to the beach with friends.

The kids were catching fish with a net and putting them in a “pond” they made on shore.  I thought I got a picture of their creation, but I only got the beginning of the process.  They had two separate ponds for catfish and for mullets.  It was fun watching the kids work so hard together to take care of those fish.

Here are a few pictures of our day:





When we spent a weekend at the beach a while back, the whole family left without even one hint of pink on them.  I felt like a supermom with sunscreen power!  Seriously.  I’m proud of my kids and tear up when they make good decisions or accomplish something big.  But for me – I feel like a good mom when they all eat a healthy dinner and love it, or we spend all day in the sun and no one gets sunburned.  Those are the things that make me feel like I’m a good mom.

Well – I feel like a bad mom.  Car put his own sunscreen on his face and I forgot to go back and make sure it was all covered.  He swiped a few areas.  That’s evident by the white streaks throughout the red face, but it’s clear I need to do his sunscreen for him.  Then, Ellie helped me with my back, so I have an interesting pattern of pink and white going.  Come on sweater season! 

So now I’m waiting for a knock on the door.  I know the sunscreen judges will be coming to take my medal away from me this afternoon. 


Matt said...

Nothing wrong with being Beachy. I think it's working out alright for my family.

Tisha said...

Matt, that is too funny!!!

We are so much alike. No sunburning is a huge accomplishment in this house since my blonde child is boarderline albindo. :)

I also procrastinated until the last minute with the whole packing thing. It makes things more fun.

jody said...

So funny, I am the same way! If my kids get any sunburn I am like "oh I have failed! Oh now they will ahve skin cancer and it will be ALL. MY. FAULT." which is ironic b/c I got burned a LOT when I was a kid and I even had a few biopsies this spring b/c I am high risk for skin cancer anyway, and yet I never blame my parents, it just never crossed my mind. Hmmmm, maybe I should and take them to Judge Judy or something!!!!

Sara said...

This wait is killing me! Praying you get news, like, within 30 minutes.

And don't feel bad about the sunburns. When I was watching my sister's kids last month, they all got sunburns. I'm not used to so generously lathering sunscreen on children, as my boys do not burn so easily....!

The Hull's at #4 said...

Matt that's hilarious!! If you get the bad mother award for this then I'm expecting CPS to show up at my door any minute - (just kidding). So excited for your ticket booking!!!