Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Should I Sneak Her in My Bag?

She’s dressed and ready to go.


When Moses stayed with us, he loved, loved, loved our Bear!  Unfortunately, she would have nothing to do with him, but he loved her anyway.  Tony met one of the pastors when he went back to Liberia with Moses and the pastor heard all about how sweet Bear is.  He was so kind to send two outfits and a pair of shoes to her as a gift.



What an expression of kindness and generosity.  I’m guessing he didn’t give these out of the extra he had.  He probably sacrificed something so he could send them. 

We are hoping Pastor Anthony will come to America soon so the rest of our family can meet him.  Tony connected with him while in Liberia and considers him a friend.




The Hull's at #4 said...

How sweet is Bear in those dresses, and how precious is the giver!

Sara said...

any news...???!!!

Kristi J said...

oh, they look so grown up...adorable, kj

Eastiopians said...

How sweet!

I know you must be SO excited with your trip to Ethiopia right around the corner!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! *big smile*


mandi said...

she looks adorable!

hey- guess who leaves in FIVE DAYS!!!???!!!

Tara said...

oh thank you will see you soon!!!