Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Crazy Cake.

That's what people are going to call me when I ask them to eat this. Especially people in my small group who already ask me for an ingredient list before they want to eat my food. Especially people whose name starts with "D"! ~wink Julie~

So this cake is new for me. My dear friend at herbanhomestead posted this recipe and I couldn't resist. Beets in cake. Beets!?! I had to try it. And yes, my kids did help me make it. How can they learn to make healthy food choices if I hide all the healthy food and they don't even know they are eating it? I told them we can call it "Aggie Cake" since it is maroon after mixing in the cocoa. They weren't impressed. They couldn't get past the stink part of the batter. It does start smelling good as it bakes, but I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about the smell as well.

I boiled the beets until they were nice and soft - after peeling them, of course.

Then, they get pureed with applesauce until nice and smooth. I think a chunk of beet in your cake might ruin it.

Into the mixer it goes with the rest of the "normal" cake ingredients.

I thought my food processor, mixer, spatula, and the rest of my kitchen would be permanently hot pink after making this cake. I'm pleased to report that all of it washed up brilliantly. I'm sure if I had gotten it on my clothes it would have been a different story. (i.e. wear an apron.)

My family ate it up and asked for seconds. No, all of that icing wasn't part of the healthy recipe. I figured if the cake was good for you, we could indulge a little. Actually, I was really nervous no one would eat it and I would have to throw it away. I hoped the frosting would save it, but it turns out they liked the cake anyway. Tony had a hard time getting over the mental part. He really does not like beets. He said he took each bite just waiting for the bad taste to come - but it never did. Who knew?

I guess it's not too crazy. We eat carrot cake, corn bread, pumpkin muffins, zucchini bread... Maybe beet cake will become popular one day as well. This could get really wild - okra muffins, eggplant turnovers, turnip cake - endless possibilities.

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