Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where Was I?!?

I am just wondering where I was when my 10 year old's feet got as big as mine. I'm not sure when it happened. I went and found his old pair of shoes and they fit me too. I guess we don't all try on our kids' shoes regularly - I was being lazy and slipped his on to run outside really quick. I couldn't believe they actually fit! I thought there would be this big moment when I realized Tate was getting bigger. And older. It's happening so gradually that these moments sneak up on me. I want to appreciate every moment as my kids grow up because it really does slip by if we let it. Raising these sweet kids is my life and I am proud of that. It seems like forever when they are little, but it's not. This time will be gone quickly and I will have lots of time later to pursue my hobbies and keep my house spotless. Right now I have the job of raising warriors for the Kingdom of God. How can I take that lightly?

I am proud of the young man Tate is becoming. He makes good decisions and has a true heart for God. He has already seen that God works in his life and He is very real. I am looking forward to watching him continue in his growth. I look forward to the teenage years that most people dread. I think it's because we put so much effort into teaching them about character and right and wrong, but those years are when they really start getting put to the test. Are they going to actually do what I think they will do? I know, not always. And we will be there to help them dust off when they fall. But - I am excited to see them make the right choices. When they stand up against what everyone else is doing to do what is right. When they are pleasing their Heavenly Father. That's what I am excited to see.

I am looking forward to watching all of my kids grow up. That's a parents' job, afterall. To raise our kids to become Godly adults. But, I am going to slow down a little so I make sure not to miss any moments while they are still little kids.

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