Friday, May 2, 2008

Hard Habit to Break.

Habits are tough. I take that back - habits are tough to break. I take that back again - Bad habits are tough to break. Good habits are actually hard to get started and really easy to break. What's up with that?

I posted a while back when Bear broke her arm and was wondering if three weeks in a cast would be long enough to break her thumb-sucking habit. She had no motivation to do it on her own so I was not holding my breath.

Here is the first picture I have of her sucking her thumb:

She was still trying to get used to it. Not a natural here, yet:

This is just too cute not to throw in:

Now we add a bear into the mix:

You'll see the bear becomes part of the habit. We are not sure what her whole face looked like for a while because it was usually partially hidden:

Bear (and bear) and brother - I guess you have figured out where she gets her nickname now.

She used to think Bear was her last name. I think she is still a little confused about the whole thing.

Her sweet cousin told her she could even be in her wedding with her bear.

Well, the cast worked in more way than one! It fixed her arm and broke her habit. She still holds bear in the same position, but keeps her thumb out of her mouth.


All the other kids were pacifier babies. That is soooo much easier to stop. Not one of them had to break a bone to do it.

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