Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bloomin' Aloe!

Look at this! Did you have any idea an aloe plant would bloom??? I had no idea. I totally neglect my aloes because every time I re-pot them, they immediately fill that pot with new babies. Then, they don't look very nice and I just look like I am neglecting my gardening duties. Which I am. But, I don't want my plants to reflect that. Seriously, we have a lifetime supply of sunburn care here at our house.

Now I'm not touching it until I see this bloom. I'll have to divide it later. I am so excited to see what this flower looks like. I'll post a picture for anyone who is as surprised as me - and who even cares. heh!
Update: Okay - that was pretty much it. That's what the bloom looks like. I was expecting it to open up wide. It turned a little more yellow, but when we got back home from vacation it wasn't worth a new picture. I still think it was cool!

1 comment:

mandi said...

that's crazy! it's like a banana plant and an aloe had a baby. are you working for the usda?