Friday, March 28, 2008

Can't Make Up My Mind.

I have been having to lay down with Bear at bedtime while she is adjusting to going to sleep without sucking her thumb. She apparently has to talk herself to sleep now. And I'll tell you - a conversation with a four year old is not what I need when I am going to sleep. She gets my mind going in all directions.

So - she's excited about Saturday and trying to figure this countdown thing out. Being the good homeschooling mom, I am taking full advantage of working on her days of the week while we talk and thinking to myself, "heh, this homeschooling thing is a breeze - they are thirsting for knowledge and you just have to take advantage of the teachable opportunities." (I know - BIG mistake!) Then, this is how our conversation ended:

Bear: "How many days is it till Saturday?"

Me: "Two."

Bear: "I thought it was three."

Me: "Yesterday it was three, and today is it two. Then, tomorrow it will be one more day."

Bear: Pause. "Why do you keep changing your mind?"

Me: Silent - but laughing hysterically inside!!!

Okay, so the conversation was not going where I thought! We'll keep working on it. I love the thoughts of a four year old. I have a lot of funny friends - but they are funny on purpose. And, as much as I love them, the innocent thoughts of little kids just crack me up!

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