Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where Do You Do Church?

We celebrated Easter this past weekend with friends. Some old and some new. The weather was perfect, and we all had a great time. Look at the smiles on these faces!

Were we remembering that Christ died for us on the cross during the sack races?

What about the egg race?

The egg hunt?

Egg Baseball!!! My camera skills are not good enough to capture all of the flying pieces of egg as it shattered in every direction.

We went through the Resurrection Eggs with the kids. If you haven't seen these, the kids love them. Each egg has a symbol inside that tells part of the story of Christ's death and resurrection. I'll give you a hint about how it ends - the last egg is empty!

We ended our afternoon together as our new friends led us in a time of songs and worship on the hill. We were able to stop and really reflect on our love for God and His love for us. He showed us His love by sending His Son to die for us. I know God wants us to play and have a great time with friends. He is the giver of all good things! We can remember Him in everything we do, even the silly fun. God was not only remembered during the mealtime prayer, the Resurrection Eggs, and the time of family worship at the end. He was woven through every part of the afternoon. I felt His presence.
I don't want my family to just go to church on Sunday. I want our time of worship to be constant. It's easy to remember God when we are at church, on a mission trip, or going to the nursing home. I want my family to worship God in everything we do. Even when we are being silly and just hanging around with friends, we need to be aware that God is part of that. He enjoys being included in every part of our lives. I know this picture is not what many people consider to be church - but having a good time with friends while we worship our Father - that's church to me.

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mandi said...

that was a great day! i love what you said about God wanting to be a part of all that we do. i need to remember that when i am having ungodly frustrations with my family. that my attitude can be worship...