Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Don't Try this at Home!

What do you do with the kids when you are studying the Dead Sea Scrolls?

You set paper on fire! Of course. At least that seems to be the lesson my kids remember.

It seemed so innocent. After we studied about the discovery of the scrolls, we were supposed to write some Old Testament verses on regular paper, soak it in tea, and when it dried, burn the edges. What we are left with is a piece of ancient scroll that was written on parchment that looks so real it would probably fool any museum we took it to. Not really.

Hold on - Did you catch the flaw in that assignment?

Setting the paper on fire? Car was amazed at this new discovery. His enthusiasm for this step scared me. The poor little guy then had to sit through a lecture on the dangers of fire and how quickly it spreads, and that it can hurt you, and that we live in the middle of a forest and it can burn the whole area down once it starts.

I think I have him back where I want him. Now he wants to keep his distance. That's a good place for a 6 year old boy when it comes to fire. Very distant!

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