Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bella, Bella

What am I going to do with that rabbit?

Not the one in the picture, that's one of the many other rabbits that live around here. Bella and Dot will have lots of company in their new home in the woods.

The good news is we found Bella hopping through the woods.

The bad news is she is hopping through the woods.

She's a rabbit.

I'm a human. A slow human at that.

That means I have spent the past 14 hours (that's what it felt like, anyway) sweating and climbing through the woods trying to catch Bella to no avail.

Here is a picture of the woods I've been crawling through:

Yes, Bella is in there. She hasn't been staying on that nice, open, path part either. Apparently, rabbits feel more secure in between all the brush. She's right in the part of the woods that is solid thorns and branches.

Coincidentally, rabbits like the same part of the woods that the copperheads and coral snakes like. How funny is that? I'm cracking up right now!

Long story short – Bella is a stinker. I know what she is thinking - she thinks she's Bugs Bunny and I'm Elmer Fudd. She may be right – I have called her a wascally wabbit multiple times now. And, I have turned to the kids with my fingers to my lips telling them, "Shhhhh". I'm certainly acting like Elmer Fudd. As long as I don't start looking like him, it's all good.

My kids got their hopes up, but Bella got away.

I have my limits, so I have to stop now.

We will set a trap for her later.

A humane trap. We want her in one piece if we can catch her.

I’m going to do a tick check now and take a shower.

I wonder where Dot is?


Frank Bennett said...

You are funny!!! I got a good laugh at this one. Hope you are feeling better. That is the not so funny part:( Maybe the rabbits will miss their food and the cool indoors!

mandi said...

kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit...not really. don't tell the kids i said/sang that. i want them to like me when we go camping!