Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Homeschool Room Update #2

To be more accurate - it's not the homeschool room.

Just the closet.

It's amazing to see all of our stuff all lined up.

And, I know where everything is!

Take a look around the corner -

I know.

I will have to take another picture after school starts to see how long this lasts.


mandi said...

very nice! come over and organize my butler's pantry/art nook/homeschool catchall. please!

Shannon said...

i love it! oh how i wish our school wasn't in our kitchen...

Mandy said...

We were in a room over our garage, but found we were doing more and more at the kitchen table. I decided to move the room down where it was more a part of our daily lives. I think it will work much better.

Karen and Gerard said...

It looks very neat! It's great to have that much storage space for things.