Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Makes Me Smile

This just makes me smile everytime I walk through my kitchen.

My dream would be to have a garden where I could go through and put this together from my yard. That will be a while, considering my brown thumb.

I tried to grow sunflowers along our shed wall this year, but the rabbits enjoyed them when they sprouted. (As our dog slept soundly on our back porch, I'm sure!) Again, I thought sunflowers were something kids could grow.

But - I will persevere!

Until then, I will enjoy these beauties.


mandi said...

hey- they made me smile too! how could you not when looking at a sunflower? we just harvested seed from the field we planted at our church's community garden. i have about 6 gallon bags full!

{{shan}} said...

sunflowers are happy flowers!! we planted some this year, too. they were duds. maybe next year...

Mandy said...

mandi - can you share some of your abundance with shan and i so we can try, try again, next year???