Monday, August 18, 2008

Hard at Work

It's been a great first day of school. The kids all had positive attitudes and we finished everything on our list.

What more could I ask?

I'll share a few pictures of the kids working diligently. We did not have any experiments or exciting assignments today. It takes a while for all of us to get back on a schedule. It's been pretty free around here for a while now, but we are all welcoming the routine. I think it's just natural to like boundaries and knowing what is coming next. I can definitely see that in my kids.

Tate and Ellie do really well with seatwork -

Car tends to do better in any position that is not at his desk. I'm not sure why I even put a desk in here for him. How would he do in a traditional school setting? I'm sure it would depend on how understanding his teacher would be.

And - a girl can only handle so much excitement in one day.

(Notice she was studying her Presidents - kidding!)

Overall, I give this day two thumbs up!

I am looking forward to sharing some of the fun stuff we will be doing this year. I love homeschooling my kids - even though it is a lot of work - pfew!


mandi said...

oh bear- all tuckered out!
i'm eager to read your ideas for the year. you're so creative!

Tina said...

I am so excited for you! I remember back 8 years ago when I homeschooled our 3 girls, 6th grade, 1st grade and Kindergarten, those were the days. We all met at the kitchen table and went through the day together. What great memories of flip charts, readers, map posters, recess and p.e. - what fun! We only homeschooled for a year, but it was one of the best years ever!

I commend you for all of your effort in giving your children this wonderful opportunity - keep up the good work.

Mandy said...

i love homeschooling! i usually have more ideas than i end up following through with, so that is going to be my goal this year - being more purposeful in my follow through. thanks for the encouragement mandi and tina!!!