Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School 2008-2009

We are ready to tackle another school year at home. The kids have been begging me to get started. I love the enthusiasm that comes at the beginning of the year.

Can we bottle some of it up and save for April?

Tate's starting his 5th grade year. I guess it's always hardest watching your first born get bigger. But, it's also exciting watching him grow and do new things. I am very proud of the young man he is becoming. No more elementary school for him!

Ellie is growing up fast, too. She's ready for 3rd grade. She is a huge help around the house and with the others. I am very impressed with how responsible she is and how well organized she likes to be.

Car is heading into 2nd grade. One of the benefits of homeschooling for Car is that he can wear his favorite jersey on the first day of school, even when it has a mark from a sticker that got washed on it. (Free tip of the day: remove all stickers from clothing before washing.)

Judging from this picture of Bear - I think she is excited about the idea of starting her first day of Kindergarten. She did calm down and worked very hard today. One thing we have to work on is her telling me what she already knows how to do and why she doesn't want to do what I give her.

Where did she get that?


mandi said...

what? no painting or organizing needed to be done today? : ) i can't believe how big your kids are. bear starting kindergarten?!? look how cute she is!
i love the bar next to the desks for hanging supplies- great idea.

Shannon said...

happy first day!! we've been "starting" all week. this year we're taking the "easing into it" approach. :)

so much more without words. said...

i pulled your blog from shannon...good to 'get to catch up' with you guys even if it is via the world wide web. i can't believe we are all homeschooling. you guys should just move back!


Mandy said...

i've thought many times that it would be nice to still live near you guys, with all of us homeschooling and all. i would love to go back! i have to say though, i do have a pretty sweet set-up living next door to both parents. i could only come back if they would come with me. :)