Saturday, August 9, 2008

Homeschool Room - Again

It's coming along. We have furniture in the room, and I don't feel like passing out from the fumes everytime I go in here.

What do you think?

I think I need a new rug. And, curtains. Oh, and a white board.

But, like I said - it's coming along.

I have stopped decorating so I can plan the actual schoolwork for this year.

That might be important. :)

So far, Bear is quite content playing with the pencils on her desk.

That's fine with me. We'll work on Trigonometry later.

The kids all picked out their reading pillows (on the floor, there behind my desk). They have good taste - soft, feather pillows. Ahh... hopefully, they won't fall asleep during our reading time.

I'll post the Grand Finale when I get something on the walls.


mandi said...

i love the color! and bear is so cute over there in her own little space.

Frank Bennett said...

I love the flowers and the school room!!! You all have been busy. Great stuff. It all looks so organized and fresh.

Mandy said...

yes, the color just plain makes me happy. if i brought the sunflowers in here, i just may never leave!

su - now you can come and help me with my lesson plans. :)

Karen and Gerard said...

That is a very nice looking room. I never heard of reading pillows though. I can't read laying down because if I lay on my back, I fall asleep and if I lay on my stomach, my neck starts hurting.

I recommend a reading garden instead! Good luck with that.