Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What a Day!

I can't believe it!!! We went from this:

To this:

What are the odds?

Pretty good when we add a couple of experienced (lucky) guys!

First, my dad came over. All the way from next door. He brought his very humane animal trap (the one that doesn't work on armadillos) and we headed out to the woods. What luck! We found Bella right away, hopping happily out in the open. Until she saw us. We did a little climbing through the briars, but she eventually evaded us.

Then, Mom noticed Dot lounging in the stump of a tree. I walked by that stump all day. I'm sure she was in there watching me every time I passed by. stinker!

The stump was hiding in the middle of a bunch of brush (of course). I climbed in and tried to be sneaky and grab her. It's hard to be sneaky while breaking through a bunch of dead tree limbs and leaves. So, she ran deeper into the brush. Fortunately, Dad and I had a plan. It went something like this:

Dad: I'll chase her out and you catch her on the other side. Ouch! Ow! Oh! Ouch! Okay! Here she comes!

Me: Oh! She got away! She's coming back your way!

Dad (just climbing back out of the brush): Okay - I'll chase her out and you catch her on the other side. Ouch! Ow! Oh! Ouch! Here she comes!

Me: I see her! Wait! She's coming back your way!

Repeat about 1,142 times.

Finally, on the 1,143rd try, she ran all the way to our house and found her cage. Mom, Dad, Tate, and I were able to surround her as she hid under her cage and I grabbed her.

1/2 Success!!!

Kids are thrilled! And, that was the purpose of their grandparents and mom climbing through snake infested thorns all afternoon. That would be major points for us. But, we don't keep score. I have to say my parents are the best! There was no way they were leaving without two, fluffy bunnies safely nestled in their cage for the night. No way!

So - on to finding Bella.

We looked and couldn't find her anywhere. I decided for the gazzillionth time to just give up, convinced we had her completely terrified after she just witnessed what went on with Dot. (I know she was watching us the entire time).

At this point, Tony comes home from work. He changes clothes and asks me to show him where we saw Bella last. I showed him and walked to the house. Two minutes later, I see him and Dad walking back to the house also. I'm thinking he gave up pretty darn fast.


What's in his arms?

It's brown and furry!

How did he do that?!

His story is quite compelling.

Are you ready?

He saw her and picked her up with his hat.

I told you - compelling!

Why didn't I think of that?

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{{shan}} said...

When we had our bunnies, they managed a little escape, too. We were just about to head into our woods after looking around the garden and a tree "island" near the house when one of the kids looked up on the porch... there they were UNDER their cage!! Silly rabbits.