Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lost - Pet Rabbit

Make that TWO pet rabbits.

Apparently, taking care of animals is not our family's forte. Neither is growing gardens.


We haven't found our forte (I hope I'm using that word correctly), yet. But, we will keep looking.

This morning we had two, beautiful pet rabbits. They were living happily in their cage in the backyard and were quite spoiled when they were brought in to get out of the heat.

We came home from running errands later this morning and found the bottom of the cage had been knocked out. If it was our dog, I know it was an accident because she just wants to lick them. And, she's kind of oafey like that, so I could totally see her messing it up. I'm not sure what knocked it out, but the bunnies were gone.

Yes, this is when I was trying to get a late start on our school day.

There was no starting school right then.

That's the benefit of sending kids to school. If this happened when they were in school, I could have had some time to either replace them with their bunny doubles, or at least make up a really good story about where they were.

That's not how it happens for homeschoolers. The kids are the ones that always find the dead pets. It just comes with the territory.

On top of all of this, Bear and I are both feeling sick.

God has given us 24 hours each day. Some days I feel like I need a little more time, but on days like this it's comforting there will be an end and I can just go to bed.

Where are those bunnies???

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